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Episode Organizer


This project is one, in which I contributed to, but did not do the majority of the coding. But however, it quite useful for those people out there with large stores of video on their computers.

It makes it easy to maintain the appropriate names and numbers for all your episodes. Currently there is support for several shows and you can create your own elists (Episode Definition Lists) very easily if you want to.

This program can also tell you which episodes you have and more importantly which ones you are missing. It even can generate playlists for you to use in Windows Media Player.

I did a couple of the bug fixes, made the splash images, the auto updater program, and the installer.

Episode Organizer Files

Here are all related files in the database for Episode Organizer.

  • Episode Organizer v2.3 Build 87 - Download Count: 2948
    This is the latest build of the Episode Organizer and now includes a program for creating eLists. This contains all the latest files as of January 20th, 2005.