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Three Weeks From Friday

Yep, that's right, three weeks from Friday Battlestar Galactica returns with new episodes, the first being called "Resurrection Ship." It seems that we might get to learn more about that mysterious cylon ship that Captain Adama and the Pegasus CAG where going to investigate. Oh and don't forget that Starbuck also took their new stealth ship out before things got uh... critical between the two Battlestars. (I'll spare the spoilers on this one)

And some interesting trivia about the CO of the Pegasus, Admiral Cain given what we learn about her from the Pegasus XO, there is some interesting etymology to her name if you weren't aware, so take a gander here.

It also seems that this premiere episode from the hiatus is also a two-parter so we should be for quite the second half of this season.

Posted on: Dec 14, 2005 at 12:43 pm - (0) comments.

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