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It's A Brave New World

It sure seems like people just want to ban anything and everything at times. I think some people have gotten out of touch with what it is like for younger people. I swear if some people had their way we'd have some sort of weird mix of Minority Report and Equilibrium.

I'm a little perplexed as far as what category to put this in but I think political is close enough. Now I did say that I would try a limit the number of these types of posts but I have to comment/vent on this situation involving Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and now apparently The Sims 2.

Gimme a break, I mean jeez what the hell are some people's problem. Like yesterday I happened to hear a little bit of NPR on the radio and someone was going on about how bad GTA:SA was for their like 14 year-old child. Excuse the language but no shit, that is why the game was clearly and specifically labeled to be for people 17 years of age or older.

Don't get me wrong, I don't argue for a minute that the game is violent and would be bad for young kids to be playing. Additionally, this game has been out since like October on PlayStation 2 and a little longer than it has been on PC it has been out on Xbox but oh no, now that it is on the PC and someone started poking around in the game and enabled extra functionality the game is suddenly extremely bad and the "evil game makers" lied and tried to deceive people. Talk about a load of crap, the fact that it has changed to an 'Adults Only' (18+) rating over the previous 'Mature' (17+) sets a very bad precedent.

While you could say this particular situation is unique, it is only about a half step away from getting even more out of control. The bad precedent I'm worried about is this: let's say way in the future some new game comes out, say Half-Life 3 or something. It has a proper rating of 'Mature' and all and then some person decides for some reason to make a mod where in the mod it clearly shows people having sex in it. Does that suddenly make Half-Life 3 have the wrong rating? The rating should be for the product that they are selling you. Which I think is how the people at Take-Two felt. If you do something special to it that makes it worse, even if some of materials to do it are on the disc, that is your own doing. It is like in movies when they cut scenes out to get a lower rating, it is common practice and they can still sometimes even include those scenes on the disc as an "extra feature." They can get away with it by saying those features aren't rated.

Worried that your poor little kid might download the patch without you knowing? Oh shit, I'm sorry, god forbid you actually have to parent and keep an eye on your kid. And if he is that young, what the hell is he doing playing a game rated way beyond his age group? I mean most of the time you would of had to buy the game for him because most stores won't sell it to him and if you did that, you accept certain responsibilites.

Now onto The Sims 2:

Apparently now they want to ban that game, just because you can disable the part of the game that blurs out The Sims when they are nude while changing. Yet, if you do apply the patch to disable this, there isn't anything under there; they don't have anything under the blur. I'm sure EA did this for two reasons: something exactly like what is going on now and secondly, why bother adding that extra detail if it wasn't ever supposed to be seen.

And of course naturally, these people that make big stinks about these kinds of things have seriously neglected their education in the area that they are complaining in. For example, does anyone remember the immensely popular game 'The Sims' (the first one) that came out in what, late 1999, early 2000? That game had a similar patch available for it to; I don't recall any one complaining about that.

As a matter of fact, any game that let you skin things in it could be put in the same boat as the The Sims then because you could theoretically put naked people in the game. Hell, with the sufficient skills you can modify anything to do that.

I don't know, it just irritates me when people can be so narrow minded. I'm sure I haven't been completely objective in my little rant here but it sure felt good. These people need to wake up and realize this isn't the same society as 30 years ago. Just like how the RIAA needs to wake up and realize that their 1985 business model is out of date but that is a whole seperate topic...

Oh yeah, and I also hear people are complaing about the new Harry Potter book being 'too scary'... ~sighs~

Posted on: Jul 22, 2005 at 4:27 pm - (2) comments.

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