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The End Of An Era

So last Friday was the final episode of Star Trek: Enterprise and what is most likely the last Star Trek episode ever. Words cannot describe my utter disgust at how it turned out. It felt like such a waste, it makes some of those bad first season TNG episodes look good which is definitely saying something. It wasnít the corniness of the episode; it was the story, if you can call it a story.

Okay I am about to go into detail about the episode and reveal details you might not want to know if you havenít seen it so if you care, stop reading.

So we start off six years in the future, which was definitely okay with me. Now why did they have to play it in the holodeck? Would it have killed them to put in the opening ďSix years in the future...Ē or something to that affect. That is just so stupid, and then showing Riker and Troi on the Enterprise-D was dumb, they didnít even build the sets the same and it is so obvious that they look noticeably older than when they did that show. If were going to do this idea, they could have just done it on Rikerís ship the Titan. Since it was supposed to take place during the TNG episode "The Pegasus" yet they got a lot of the story details wrong from that episode and it just made no sense. If you have seen that episode youíll notice some of the obvious screw-ups.

Then Tripís death was so stupid, like where the hell were all the MACOs to kick those aliensí butt? His death just seemed so pointless, hell that whole thing with Shran seemed kind of like "So we are going to earth to start the Federation but oh... by the way..."

They just gave the TNG part of the story too much screen time and it took away from the Enterprise story. It was like Rick Berman and Brandon Bragga, who wrote this episode, were like "Hey look, we used to do TNG and people thought it was cool... isnít it?" They had such a great opportunity to do a really cool episode, the episode Star Trek fans were hoping weíd see when Enterprise started, the founding of the Federation. And they blew it big time; we didnít even get to hear Archerís speech.

Frankly I hope they donít do any Star Trek for a while and when they do, they have to not involve Berman and Bragga. The only ideas they seem to have are dumb ones or good ones that we already have seen on TNG. Manny Coto who took over the show during the fourth season has made some fairly decent episodes. At least he was doing what the show should have been more about, earth exploring deep space for the first time and the founding of the Federation.

But at least Battlestar Galactica comes back this summer for its second season and I canít wait, it is definitely going to be awesome, there isnít a question about it.

Posted on: May 16, 2005 at 6:55 pm - (2) comments.

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