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'New' Cell Phone

So last Saturday night I noticed my phone was acting weird. It always has had it quirks that I have had to deal with; most of them were trivial like occasional software lock-ups where the phone had to be rebooted. In this instance it said that there was some accessory plugged in when there wasnít. I didnít recognize the icon and it wasnít in the book for the phone. The result was that the phone would not make any sort of noise anymore nor vibrate. The microphone still worked, if someone called or I called them, they could hear me but I couldnít hear them. I tried plugging my headset into it, the audio worked in there but the microphone didnít, for some reason the phone kept the microphone on the phone enabled instead.

So I called 611 for assistance using another AT&T Wireless phone, I knew it was a hardware problem already. I tried taking the battery out and rebooting it and things like that. I got some guy from Texas on the line and he went through some basic steps to troubleshoot it. I told him what I already tried and he avoided making me do it all over again like their procedure stated. So he eventually said that the phone was defective and I should call in the morning and talk to someone in their warranty center about getting my phone replaced.

So Sunday afternoon I called their customer support via their 1-800 number. This time though I got some woman from India who I could barely understand. I told her what was going on and what the person last night told me. But she utterly refused to skip over what her computer screen was telling her to do and made me do all these ridiculous steps all over again. So about 30 minutes later, she decides that my phone does need replacing after all. She finally determines that my phone is out of the Nokia warranty, which it was since they have a one year warranty and Iíve had the phone for about 18 months.

However, my contract with AT&T doesnít go up for another 6 months. I assume they would still just replace my phone since it was useless in its current state. The woman said they couldnít and eventually transferred me to someone in their customer care center. This person was a LOT better; they actually spoke English and were easily understandable. Apparently my options were either to get a new phone from them at full price, find a used GSM phone and use that, or transition my contract to Cingular and get a new free phone. I asked about the last option, thinking it seemed like the easiest. Well, it seems that since they bought AT&T, they really have made their plans suck. Currently I get 300 anytime minutes, nationwide roaming, and unlimited nights and weekends for 29.99 a month, itís great and works really well for me. The person said that for that same price I could get 250 anytime minutes, nationwide roaming, and only 1,000 night and weekend minutes. That simply wouldnít work for me, since as Iíve shown in the past I use up a lot of those.

If I wanted to get unlimited night and weekends, I would have to pay for the $50/month plan, which was ridiculous. The person I was talking to even said they used to work for AT&T and that the plans were a lot better then. Additionally, I wasnít the first person he had talked to in my situation and he said a lot of people just opt for finding a new used phone instead of moving over to Cingular since usually they are currently getting a much better deal. Oh, and I forgot to mention, they charged an $18 processing fee to move my account over to Cingular if I decided to do that.

So I decided to just hunt around for a new used phone to replace mine. Since I have a rather nice aftermarket headset for my Nokia 3595, I decided to just get another one of those. I called around to local stores and I couldnít really find anyone that sold used phones. Then I decided to hit up eBay and there were plenty of phones listed, especially 3595s so I bought one of those off of there. I am expecting it here by Friday. If the phone works and everything, all I should have to do is plug my SIM card into it and be set to go.

Posted on: Mar 31, 2005 at 12:56 am - (1) comments.

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