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My First Time Snowboarding

So today I finally got around to going snowboarding. I had been wanting to go for a long while and finally got around to it. I went with three other friends.

I had a heard that your first time is the most painful and tiring and it is definitely true. On my first run I fell a lot on the first half but by the second half I did much better. Then during my second run as I was going down one part and I realized I was going to fast so I turned to slow down and as I was doing that, the board spinned around on me. Then it caught and threw me down and I banged my head pretty good. It hurts now but I should be okay.

Now to compound that, I was boarding with my friend Dana and she was ahead of me and when she saw me fall, she stopped. Then she decided to unbind from her board and walk up to see if I was alright and when she did that, she accidently let her board get away from her and it went down the hill and into the trees. Once I got back up, I rode on over and we looked around and couldn't find her board. So she finally asked me to ride down and get the other people that we were there with. Without much other choice, I started riding down and the section of the course we were on was sort of an 'S' so once i got near the end I saw a board off in the snow. I stopped and went over to it and it was her's. With only going a short distance I yelled back up to her and she came back down and was relieved to have found it; especially considering it would have been a long walk back down to the bottom even if she wasn't wearing those boots.

On my third run I did really well for my first time on the mountain. I only fell maybe 4 times during the run. The conditions on the mountain were awesome. It was relatively warm, blue skies, sunny, and a light breeze. There were a lot of people there but that is understandable considering the 3-day weekend. I'm definitely going to go again this season.

Posted on: Jan 16, 2005 at 9:23 pm - (0) comments.

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