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It Just Seems To Be One Thing After Another...

The last two weeks have been just plagued with disaster for me. Starting with last week when my car's alternator went out and left me stranded. That was real fun. Then when I got home, my computer decided that I need to suffer even more and wouldn't turn on. It just beeped out some error codes. So I took the thing apart and put it back together and it mysteriously started up. Was it over then? Of course not. Punishing me for making a system backup two weeks ago, it decided that my primary hard drive needs to crap out on me. So last Sunday morning I filed an RMA request with Western Digital and I'll have a new drive here on Thursday. I can still access the data somewhat but I haven't been able to find anything to copy it to. Linux won't recognize my USB mass storage devices so I took an unused PATA drive and hooked it up and for some reason it won't work. I tried to install Win2k on it but after the first phase of setup when it goes to reboot and load off of it the BIOS says there was some error loading the OS.

I'm guessing I'll just have to wait until Thursday when I get a new Raptor. Of course I lost my Windows XP CD and I do have an image of it but its... on my computer! So once I get a CD and get the new HD I can install a fresh copy of Windows and hopefully be set to go. The other drive broke because the SATA data connector broke off in the cable's connector and was intermitatly working. I rigged it up to work pretty much reliably but Windows won't load anymore because it got currupted.

I'm just praying that when I get the new drive and plug it in, everything will just work. I need to clock some more hours in for work and I can't do that now because all my data is on my SATA 250GB hard drive and that computer is my only one with Serial ATA on it.

That was my rant... I feel somewhat better now, lol.

Posted on: Dec 14, 2004 at 11:51 am - (1) comments.

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