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The Sims 2

Well back in 1999-2000 when The Sims came out I didn't think much of it until a friend bought it and I saw them play it for a while. It looked like enough fun to warrant buying it and it was, I played it a lot for a long time. So as The Sims 2 approched release I paid more attention to it, and I had heard some pretty cool things about it. So yesterday I got it.

And I've gotta say, it is amazing. First off when you create a family, the detail in which you can customize your sim is really cool. And one other thing that makes it almost completely worth it is you can setup your family tree before hand. That means your sims can start out already married and in love with each other. Those of you who have played the Sims 1 can remember that was a big annoyance; you had to spend the first day after creating the family just making the family like each other.

Once you actually move into your house, the new 3D camera is a little nicer than in the first game. Also now your Sims have days off during the week and can accumulate vacation days. That is another big plus since if you remember the first one, you sometimes had to skip work just so you could make friends or work on skills.

And you might of heard that now your Sims grow up, and they do. Adults become Elderly in 28 sim days. Additionally, since your sims do grow old and die, having kids is important to continue your family line. Unlike the first game, your female sim actually has to go through pregnancy now, it lasts about 3 sims days. Your kids, once they grow up can move out of the house but I haven't gotten quite that far yet in the game.

Posted on: Sep 20, 2004 at 10:47 am - (0) comments.

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