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LAME 32/64 Bit Build Comparison

I've voiced my support for the 64-bit transition on Windows before. Whenever I can run native 64-bit software in Windows, I try. I downloaded the source code for LAME 3.98 off their website which also includes build support for 64-bit.

I compiled the 64-bit Windows version without any difficulty. However compared to the 32-bit 3.97 version I have used previously, I saw a 5x slow down. That wasn't very promising so I decided to do some more testing.

When running the 32-bit build without the assembly optimizations, it ran about 3x slower than 3.97. And with the assembly optimizations it ran about 3.6x slower. The results were surprising, I did some preliminary searching on Google for anyone reporting a slow down between the two versions and I couldn't find anything.

I did find some people saying the 64-bit version gave them about a 10% speed increase. The reason the 64-bit is slower is probably related to why the 32-bit version was slow as well. I don't know enough about the way the program was coded right now to determine why this is. In this instance I would have thought that the extra CPU registers would have improved the program performance.

In conclusion the most surprising thing is that regardless of the build architecture, the newer version was performing worse.

Posted on: Jul 22, 2009 at 12:14 am - (1) comments.

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