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C++ HtmlHelp() Function Crashes With IE8

Apparently there is a new issue with Microsoft’s HTML help system if you have Internet Explorer 8. If your program opens the help using the HtmlHelp call, when you go to exit, there is an access violation in ExitProcess.

This is a known issue as of mid-May that appears yet to be patched. However there is a work around, before the program exits if you manually unload the module the problem is avoided. In native Win32 apps, you can run this code in the WM_DESTROY message. The code to unload the module is shown below.

HMODULE hItssDll = GetModuleHandle(_T("itss.dll"));
if (hItssDll != 0)

I have not tested some older programs to see if they exhibit the crash, this issue was encountered with new development.

Posted on: Jun 4, 2009 at 9:46 am - (0) comments.

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