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Episode Organizer 3.0 2008 Status Report

While it has been a long time since I've posted about this program, development has been restarted on the Episode Organizer. A big side project frequently gets preempted by life so it has been a long process.

However I am proud to announce that a version is getting close to being released. It has been undergoing testing lately and is coming together. We have an updater program and a central database that has a lot of elist data in it. 64-bit Windows and Linux support is also now available.

There are but a handful of things standing in the way of us and a general release:

1. More extensive GUI testing
2. The web server side that will allow you to download data from the master db needs to be finished
3. The website that will allow wiki style editing of elists in the database

The new internal database provided by SQLite is much faster than using the Access DB (not to mention cross platform) and the regular expression engine is now from wxWidgets and is very quick which will cut down analysis times.

Now the 3.0 GUI will not have all of the features that the 2.x family had, those features will be slowly added in future releases. Most of the missing features are non-critical functions such as searching. But we’ve also added some very useful ones like a permanent ignore list. If there is a file that keeps annoying you in a folder with videos you can add it to the ignore list and the Episode Organizer won't even bother with it.

Finally I would like to show off some screenshots of the new program: screenshots of 3.0

As for when the release will be made? I won't even bother to speculate, honestly I would like it to be no later than the end of the year but it just depends on what happens, there are only two of us working on it after all.

Posted on: Sep 9, 2008 at 4:09 pm - (0) comments.

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