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The Waiting is the Hardest Part

It is August and frankly save for two or three shows on TV, it is all either crap or reruns. So here are some shows that are worth watching to help fill the void until the fall season starts next month. All of these shows have their first season (or more) available on DVD.

Burn Notice; this show is actually currently playing new episodes on USA right now. It is currently in the second season. The first season played last summer and season one is now available on DVD. The gist of the show is that it revolves around a US spy that got burned while on a mission. Now he is living in Miami and is working as a freelance spy/private investigator while investigating why he got burned. The show is a very good take on the spy genre; it mixes drama, action and comedy well. Michael (the spy) is more of a MacGyver than a James Bond and it works quite well.

Californication; this show plays on Showtime and is simply awesome. David Duchovny plays a struggling writer in LA. And as you'd expect for a show on Showtime, it can be fairly explicit at times. It talks about sex, drugs and boozing with no attempt to sugar coat it. Why the show is so great is hard to describe but it is certainly worth watching.

Rescue Me; if you haven't started watching this show, it is a solid choice. Season 5 starts in March 2009 with 22 episodes. Denis Leary plays a New York firefighter and the show revolves around him and his fellow firefighters working in a post-9/11 world. The show isn't so much about fighting fires as it is about all the stuff that happens in between jobs. There is some pretty solid humor in this show in addition to all the drama aspects.

Once the fall season starts I am looking forward to the following shows in particular: Heroes, The Office, CSI, Californication and House. Stargate Atlantis is currently playing now and it has been announced that it will not be taking the customary mid-season break this year so we will get to see all of season five before the year is out. Which I think is awesome and will help fill the sci-fi void until Battlestar comes back for its final ten episodes in early 2009.

Speaking of BSG, I think after a slow season 3.5, the first half of season four really was done well. I'm not going to even speak of the cliffhanger that we were left on in case anyone hasn't seen it yet.

CSI will be starting its 9th season this fall and last season we saw the departure of two of the cast and this season Grissom is leaving the show. I'm not quite sure how much gas is the left in the tank for this show. It still remains one of my favorite shows but in season eight it felt like they had lost some of that magic that made the show great.

Posted on: Aug 21, 2008 at 3:51 pm - (0) comments.

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