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Retail 64-Bit... Finally

I am a strong supporter of the move to the next phase of computing: 64-bit. And finally you can see it happening at the retail level. Laptops now in retail stores that feature 3 or 4GB of RAM are now coming with 64-bit Vista instead of the 32-bit version.

This is an important step forward and probably a step that most average users won't even realize is happening. Unless they try to plug in their 6 year old inkjet printer. But more than likely there aren't even 32-bit Vista drivers for it. (Not that I am saying that is right, why throw out a otherwise perfectly good printer)

Even if your computer is only currently using 2GB of RAM, if you have a 64-bit processor, there is no reason not to use a 64-bit OS. The Windows side has finally started to come around. And as I've said before, those of us that use Linux are at least a year ahead of the Windows crowd on the transition.

I've been using 64-bit Linux on my C2D based laptop since June of last year and 64-bit XP on my C2Q based desktop since December. Neither machine has had any issues because of the 64-bit OS.

Posted on: Aug 9, 2008 at 8:16 pm - (0) comments.

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