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Here are a bunch of files I put up for download. Some are the latest downloads for projects and others are just other interesting items I've found.

Random Files

  • There are no files available for download.

Project Files

  1. Database Object Scanner
    1. DBOS Beta 3 Full
      This is the beta 3 build of the Database Object Scanner, in it are more bug fixes and completed...
    2. DBOS v2.0 Beta 2 Patch
      This is the Beta 2 patch (183KB), it will upgrade the Beta 1 installation to Beta 2 so you need to...
    3. DBOS v2.0 Beta 1
      This is the first beta of the Database Object Scanner. Feeback is wanted, especially relating to...
  2. Desktop Background Switcher
    1. Background Switcher Full Installer
      This is the installer for the Background Switcher version 1.00 and is a 2.2MB download.
  3. Download Any File (Java Class)
    1. DAF Java Class
      This is the Java class you need to run this program.
  4. Episode Organizer
    1. Episode Organizer v2.3 Build 87
      This is the latest build of the Episode Organizer and now includes a program for creating eLists....
    2. Episode Organizer v2.3 Build 84 (Full)
      [OBSOLETE] This is the latest full installer file for Episode Organizer 2.3 and contains the latest...
    3. Episode Organizer v2.3 Build 81 Patch
      This is a patch for the Episode Organizer that brings you up to the current version of all files as...
  5. Hot Plug
    1. Hot Plug 1.0
      This is version 1.0 of the Hot Plug application. The download is about 280KB in size.
  6. Lander Version 3B
    1. Lander Version 3.1B Package
      This is the final build of the game and includes all the associated files needed to run the game.
  7. Music Alarm Clock
    1. Music Alarm Clock Installer
      This installer file will setup the Music Alarm Clock on your computer. You will need to install the...
  8. Sort Stepper
    1. Sort Stepper 1.0
      This is the initial release.
  9. Website News Watcher
    1. Website News Watcher Source
      This is the source code for the program, it was written in VB6 but you could easily convert it to...